Daniele Di Stefano was born in Florence on October 5th, 1988. He has always been attracted by the world of entertainment, his passion began in 1997. In fact when he was only nine, he was selected to play his first role in the film "Don Milani - The priest of Barbiana" directed by Andrea and Antonio Frazzi. In this film Daniele played with the famous Italian actor Sergio Castellitto.
He was and still is convinced that studying and professionalism are the basis to become a good actor and so in 2006 he enrolled at the “Theatre Academy of Florence”. For the following 2 years he has always  acted in theatres.
He's love is attracted more for the cinema than for theater so in 2008 he decided to enroll at the “School of Cinema Immagina” where he graduated with excellent results in 2011.
Since 2010 Daniele has played in many films that have increased his working experience and contributed in his acting growth.
In 2010, in fact, he played the role of Cocco in the movie "Ultimo Carico" directed by G. Ferlito and he was also the protagonist of the short film "La Scatola di Cartone" directed by Donatello De Pardi. “La Scatola di Cartone” won the award "Racconti per Corti 2010" and it took part in the film festival "Bif&st2011". This short film was also considered one of the best Italian short films in 2010. 
In the same year Daniele, who trained with the Stanislavsky method, decided to attend the specializing course "Il Mestiere dell’Attore: il Metodo Orazio Costa" because he wanted to improve his knowledge about the art of acting. Dott.essa Maricla Boggio (Orazio Costa’s personal assistant and teacher at the “National Academy of Dramatic Arts”) was the teacher of this course.
In 2010 Daniel was also chosen as the protagonist "Marco" in the video for the brand "Henry Cotton”; this video was presented at the preview of "Pitti Immagine Uomo 2010" and was written by the scriptwriter Ivan Cotroneo. Finally, in 2010 Daniele was "Andrea" in the Sit-Com "I Soliti Idioti"; this Sit-Com was broadcast on MTV and was directed by Enrico Lando.
Considering that in life you can always improve, Daniele dedicated the year 2011 in studying Italian diction; he also decided to move to London in 2011 for several months to improve the knowledge of the English language.
In 2012 Daniele was chosen to play the role of "Victor" in the fiction "China Story". This fiction was directed by Kong Sheng, one of the most well know directors in Asia. "China Story" was broadcast on the main Chinese channal, CCTV, and it is estimated to have been watched by over one billion viewers.
In 2013, at the age of only 24, Daniele has worked as an acting teacher in a lot of high schools in Florence. In 2013 Daniele was an actor in the film "Una Vita da Sogno" directed by Domenico Costanzo.
In 2014 was broadcast on the Swiss channel, ORF, the fiction "The Mona Lisa Mystery" directed by Klaus Steindl; in this fiction Daniele played the role of "Antonio De Beatis". Always in this years, Daniele was "Alessio" in the film "Una Ragione per Combattere" directed by Alessandro Baccini.
In 2015, on the occasion of the centenary of the First World War, Daniele was the scriptwriterand the protagonist of the film "Alpino Riccardo Giusto"; in this film he played the role of Riccardo Giusto that was the first italian soldier who died in First World War. In the same year Daniele was also chosen as the protagonist "Marco" in the fiction "Alta Infedeltà - Il Brutto Anatroccolo" that was broadcast on Sky and Real Time TV. Finally in the 2015 played the role of "Swimming Instructor" in the fiction "E' Arrivata la Felicità" that was broadcast on RAI 1.
In 2016 Daniele took part in the historic fiction "Un Medico in Famiglia 10"  broadcast on RAI 1. In the same year he played the role of "Warder" in the film "Canto Finale" directed by Riccardo Sesani.
In 2017 Daniele was the star of the fiction "Sono Innocente" broadcast on Rai3.
In 2018 Daniele was the star of the fiction "Ci vediamo in tribunale - Suoceri contro" broadcast on Rai 2.

In 2019 Daniele graduated Master of Science in Marine Biology at the Pisa University. In the same year Daniele was an actor in the short "Dreoni" and TV presenter of the program "Motor Show".  

In 2020 Daniele played the role of "Stalker" in the film "Iced hunter" directed by Davide Cancila. Since the beginning of the year Daniele has started working in Rome as a researcher of the C.N.R. .

In 2021 Daniele was "Armando" in the fiction "Fuga dall'ipocondria" that was broadcast on Real Time TV.


Daniele was Director, Scriptwriter and Protagonist of the film "Ti Proteggerò" (http://www.tiproteggero.it).




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